Trophies idea... 5 points just for beeing your bithday!


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You could of course easily change your date of birth each time to get new stuff each day.
True. you could... you could also create a couple of new accounts and hit the 'like' button hundreds of times on posts for each newly created account just to get new points/trophies.... That's the wonderful thing about this world... sometimes, you do it just because you can....


I like this idea, just .. limit it to people who set birthday during registration and not afterwards, and who have a complete birthday :)


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i have a similar system that i 've scripted in vb3.8. Each member gets a red star after a year registered. The trophy system would come in handy.... you also get 5 points for your anniversary... if your are lucky and your birthday turns out to be the same date as your anniversary.... you get 10 points the same day !!!!