TinyMCE Tables

Shaun Mason

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No one else uses tables on your forum?

My main forum site is sports oriented, and that means tables are HUGE for us.=)


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Even if tables were implemented in the editor, they still wouldn't be sufficient for my uses so I'll just create custom BB Code again.

For plain vanilla tables then yes, it could be a useful feature to have.


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Can't the TinyMCE plugin for tables be added via a custom toolbar as you would with any TinyMCE editor?


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It seems that more people are in need of a way to add tables to their postings/content (through custom bbcodes: but I am suggesting it as a default function/bbcode). I guess it's probably better suited as an add-on (or custom bbcode? Not sure what is possible with bbcodes or not), but I have the impression that a lot of boards are in need of something like this (don't have to explain the benefits), so maybe it would benefit as a stock function.

I am shamelessly quoting myself, but there is just a fantastic Wordpress example in it:

I just realized how much I like the way tables are presented on this great site (about the iPhone) : see this page. (scroll down to: iPhone 3G Vodafone Super Sim vergelijking - table) I wonder how they did it and it seems (correct me if I'm wrong) that they are using a Wordpress plugin called 'wp-Table'. See more on this plugin overhere and look at the example (--> go here for the updated version: http://tobias.baethge.com/wordpress-plugins/wp-table-reloaded-english/) Amazingly the columns are even sortable. :cool:
What I understand is that it becomes possible this way to construct tables in your Wordpress Blog without any knowledge of HTML-codes : you just construct them visually. And this is really how it should be, in Wordpress and the likes and... in software platforms like vBulletin XenForo.

I want to be able to create RICH textpostings inside my vBulletin XenForo aswell. When you look at Wordpress you see so much options for it's users to create rich textpostings, but I can't offer that really to my vBulletin members : IMHO vBulletin lacks in this area. Rich textpostings are becoming even more so important now vBulletin Blog has seen the day of light. So I hope that in the future there becomes a way to construct tables inside postings/blogentries in the most userfriendly way by visually constructing them.

(taken from a posting I once wrote on the once great vBulletin community)
I am in serious need of such table functionality for a new (XenForo) client and my own site would also benefit.