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Time Monk Radio

We have spun our radio program, TMRN, off unto it's own site. It was started just under a year ago and has evolved to the point where it made sense to give it its own domain. The result is the culmination of our efforts to date. It was released to the wolves just after 1am EST, Friday so it is brand spanking new at this point. Though not quite as well known as some of the other programs out there that consist of our subject matter, we anticipate it ramping up gradually, as we do have a pretty good following.

If you decide to have a look, I would appreciate any critique you may have, thank you.

A very special Kudos to two people inparticular.

adgsteve, without whom this would not have been possible. By his own account, he may not be the best programmer out there, but to my way of thinking, there is not much he can't do and there is noone else I would rather have in my corner. He is a good man and a good friend, you couldn't ask for better.

Terry, for her talent in design. I have searched high and low for someone of her caliber and was very fortunate to find her. I cannot speak highly enough about her either, she is very diligent and professional and just has a love for design that is very evident. I have seen a lot of her work and, in my estimation, nothing else compares.

Terry and adgsteve, Thank You

Digital Doctor

Well-known member
Too many forums. Combine them.
Love the popup radio ... its working well.
A wiki that defines key terms and concepts could be a good idea. Try xenCarta.
Should you move the Listen now button to the top so it shows on every page ?

Digital Doctor

Well-known member
You have one event !
If you have plans for times where you will have more than 20 future events scheduled ... I think you should keep the Events Calendar.
Otherwise, just make a page and manually schedule the events.
Hey DD, read many of your posts here, am honored you have taken the time.

I agree we do have too many forums we are looking to shake that down, perhaps using Jaxels grid styling to a greater extent (would love to know how he gets his grid to be viewable on the sub-forum page as well as the forum home page, played with it, just can't get it). Will look into the wiki, as well.

We will be having many more events, just had to shut it down for a bit to actually bring to fruition all the efforts put into the test site. Have slept a great deal for the last two days just recouping from the massive dump of the past three weeks.