Thinking of selling your vB license? Don't.

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I went looking for the old Thinking of selling your vB license? Don't. thread, but it derailed to an ugly, chaotic close. Since I can't post this in there, I'll post it here.

I sent vB this request to cancel my license:

I would like to cancel my vBulletin license in protest of the actions of vBulletin's parent company. Specifically the filing of harassment lawsuits against competitors.
Customer Number: 916887415241
I do not want a refund, I do not want anything from you but to nullify this license.
Please do it as soon as possible, so I can get the cowardly stink of vBulletin off my hands.
Nothing personal, whoever is reading this. It's not your fault. You just happen to work for as*holes.
Your pal,
Michael Phillips

I received a response warning me that any cancellation would be permanent, so I replied:

Hello Steve,
Yes sir, cancel permanently.
And if you have occasion to sit in a meeting with anyone who has any juice over there, be sure to tell them why. Tell them at least one long-standing, previously enthusiastic customer finds what they are doing reprehensible.

About an hour and a half later I received a response saying they had canceled it. So that's over and done.


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Great work, but Brisco has done a lot of underhanded stuff, like cooking the books to fool public investors in Internet Brands stock, cutting a deal to take the stock off the market just as it was crashing to nothing, not paying webmasters he purchased websites from who are now suing him in Federal court (see thread in my signature for details), all this makes what he did to vBulletin, vB forum owners and Kier and company look like small potatoes and just another day at the office for Mr. Brisco.


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Oh man. I know you love lawsuits and talking about lawsuits and fantasizing about filing lawsuits, but I don't.

Participating in a frivolous lawsuit against them would make me no better than them.

Don't derail this thread with your looney tunes vendetta. Go away. Go sue the paperboy for delivering 10 minutes late.


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I can't help it if other jackasses pollute it.
I can, but my preferred approach is to do nothing at all.

If people don't get too 'excited' then fine, but I've got other things to do than to baby sit a thread like this at the moment, and I am the only one around.

I would still prefer to concentrate on the future though, and that would be xf.
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