The Walking Dead - What's going to happen?


One of my favorite shows, The Walking Dead, has 3 more episodes left. What do you thinks gonna happen? Do you think there's going to be a 3rd season? Do you think they're gonna find a "cure" of some sort, or it's all a dream or something stupid?

I personally feel like they can't do much with the show anymore. Both seasons were just them staying somewhere, and going out of town and coming back. Some of my friends think there's a "Safe Place" like I Am Legend, but I have no idea. Hopefully they do something amazing, cause the mid-season ending was pretty good (I won't say it for the people who haven't seen it yet).

What are your thoughts on all this?


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They can't stay at the farm house much longer, it's dragging the series down, realy boring. I'm guessing theres gonna be some disaster, a horde of walkers, some gun slingers, the place gets burned down or something to force them to move on.

Given how "winter" has been referenced, im guessing the next season is going to be them struggling to keep warm and finding food / they run out of usable fuel and have to trek it by foot.


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No doubt with the ratings going crazy like that this show will see a third and more seasons which I belive it's well deserved. It's slowly progressing thats true. However, the way the story is told, animations and acting is world class. I wouldn't mind see more flashbacks about the outbreak giving more insight about the cause and chaos after.


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Last night there were a couple scenes with a walker in a nearby field...I think the farm is going to get raided soon. The lady sitting on top of an RV with a rifle isn't going to do much good. They should put her on the roof with a fortified trench dug around the area, complete with punji sticks and oil that can be lit :D Oh, and the suicidal girl should be sent off into the woods and never heard from again, or used as zombie bait.
Yeah winter is coming :D

I think now that Shane and Rick has kissed and made up it is time to move out of that stupid ranch.

I hope they go back into the big city = more walkers = more action.

But first we must watch Daryl kick the **** out of that boy, and eventually the boy will turn into a valuable asset for the groups survival.

The two guys who got killed in the bar.... that story is not finished yet... their friends will show up at the ranch and a hero must step forward to protect (rescue) the group.


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I never really liked the Walking Dead. I personally think zombies are just a boring plot element, and there are very few zombie stories I've ever liked. Naturally, I liked the RomZomComs like Shaun of the Dead or Zombieland, because the zombies aren't the central part of the story; its just a setting. But when a movie/show uses the zombies to advance the plotline, I get bored very quickly. Usually in those types of stories, the "suspense" and bad situations that the characters get put in are out of their own pure STUPIDITY... and thats something I can't tolerate.

When it came to the Walking Dead, I watched the entire first season. Any episodes where it was just PEOPLE interacting with each other, I liked the episode. Any episodes which had ZOMBIES in them; and consequently had the people running around like IDIOTS, I could barely stand. I had no interest in watching the second season. There are very few genuine zombie stories that I like; 28 Days Later being on the only one that comes to mind.

Also, am I the only one who thinks the asian kid looks like a grown up Short-round from Temple of Doom?
Jaxel I think you would like the second season because there is not much zombies, and there is a lot of people interacting with each other.

The group is stuck at this farm house and the zombies are locked up in the barn.


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I'm a fan of the whole zombie genre zombie movies from the late 70s/early 80s but the walking dead just seems a little timid for my liking. The evil dead 1 & 2 movies are a fav as was city of the living dead by the Italian director Lucio Fulci. I think the only zombie present day movie I liked was the re-invented (fast moving zombies) in 28 days later.

The walking dead isn't bad, it's not great either and at times can be very boring. Nothing touches the early zombie movies it's all bad cgi with realism thrown out of the window.


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One of my favorite shows, The Walking Dead, has 3 more episodes left. What do you thinks gonna happen? Do you think there's going to be a 3rd season?
They have finished writing the first 8 episodes of season 3.

They stayed on the farm to help keep production costs lower.

A key character will die in the last episode of season 2. And it won't be who you are expecting.

Lucy Lawless (aka Xena & Lucretia) will join the cast in season 3, and will kick major butt.

Glenn (aka Shortround) will go to jail.

6 zombies will die, in a very odd way.

Hershel will not be a part of season 3.

6 of 7 above are true.


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Great show :)

I was a bit disappointed at the way (can't remember his name, the main character), handled the situation of his wife sleeping with his best friend. I'm sure the baby (omg spoilers)....

Go buy the dvd and watch it if you haven't :)


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Personally, I hope they get off the farm, run into Merle, who's now a one handed zombie, and then find the little black boy and his father, who are also now zombies. I hope they happen upon a nice new RV and a couple tanks.


Anybody think one of the members of the group is going to get bitten and become a zombie? Or you think they'll make it to season 3 without losing anybody...


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I'm getting fed up with the whole "on a farm" thing. The only time things ever get exciting is when they venture out to "the town". I had really high hopes the way that this series started on the it just seems the whole series is stuck in a rut. Come on!! We want more locations and way more zombies!!


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It's funny... when I read the thread title I was sure this was going to about vBulletin


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It's a shame they killed off one of the best characters, but it had to be done :D

I hate having to wait until October though...