The "I promise to buy a license, guaranteed IF..." Thread


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So a thread has gone sour and doesn't really gear towards though who of course aren't completely sold on buying the product right away.

Personally I don't care if you think "I'll buy it now", this thread is for folks to give their thoughts into what is the "kicker" for them. What will push the product over the edge when it gets released to make you buy it.

I myself am not one to invest in a product knowing or hoping the modifications will roll out sooner than later. I'm aware we have a Suggestion forums for a reason however this is just a collaboration of thoughts as a whole.

I will be purchasing XenForo when it has the follow primarily.

  • Easy to use CMS
  • Image gallery
I'd like to see some sort of store feature that users can use points to do stuff with however that's nothing major and not a need right off the bat. This thread isn't to say I don't like XenForo... so far I love the product. I'd say a good amount of the members here are from the vbulletin community and are unhappy however not everyone is like that. So far vBulletin is treating my community great, it has the perfect add-ons for what I NEED. That is what comes down to it, I'm not going to buy XenForo to show my support for the devs, if that was the case I'd just donate. I'm buying XenForo when it works for my community.


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There isn't really a certain feature that will prompt me to buy. Like I stated on another forum, I like what I see now and the direction XenForo seems to be heading in. So, I'll purchase at least one license (whether I'll have use for it at the time or not) for that reason alone, to show my support.


This, pretty much. And that's including listening to the customers, of course.
Exactly, the thing that is keeping me here isn't the features of this system, it's the abstract things like listening to customers, principles and philosophies.