The ... Button


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I've read a lot of posts about the Like button, with arguments for and against.
Same goes for the Dislike button which may or may not make an appearance.

I think we're missing an opportunity though. There should be a whole array of buttons to convey all kinds of meanings.

I'm going to kick off with a button which means neither like nor dislike.
It could mean, yes, no, maybe, possibly, never, but I can't actually specify which.
It could even mean all of them at different points in time.
It's a very non-committal button as I may change my opinion in the future depending on what happens.

I'm going to call it The Politician Button :D

What others can we add?


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I think we need a generic button to be assigned at the Admin's discretion.

I would use it for different things on different sites, including a "that sucks" kind of option on one site :p


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How about a "go to hell button", I'm sure Michael and I would use it on each other a lot, it does not have to be public, just a button to work Michael over with, it could have a one use a day limitation placed on it.