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Jon W

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Waindigo submitted a new resource:

Trophies by Waindigo - Organise your trophies by categories and import/export trophies.

This add-on adds the following Trophy management features:
  • ability to group trophies by category;
  • ability to export trophies as an XML file;
  • ability to import trophies from an XML file.

This add-on can be installed using...
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Great addon :)

Is it intended that trophies can only be added to a subcategory?

Category: user -> test

Only the subcategory "test" is visible when choosing a category for a trophy.


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- A progress bar for the overall progress of the trophies you already won, highlighting the ones you already got would be just awesome. Give the sense of progression to our users.

- The option since we already can do that with template modulations (but it would be nice to make it happen without them), to display trophies in a profile tab to make people have one better way to show them and giving the users motivation to get them all! :)

I'm tired of the Trophy system being neglected by the devs, nice to know you working on expand it.
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Is this an addon for the adminCP only or does this affect front end display of trophies? If it affects the front end, then please add some screentshots.