XF 2.0 Tapatalk emojis are too big


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Yes, classic Tapatalk. They're utter rubbish. They won't respond to support tickets either.

They replace any emoji posted via Tapatalk with a huge PNG image, hosted by them. It's madness. Been like this for 2+ days now independent of forum platform.

They don't seem to care very much about it. The same issue affects their own forum, as you can see by the thread on Tapatalk.com, and they still can't be bothered.

We had another major issue with Tapatalk when the GDPR XF update launched, which stopped forum members from being able to access the forum (couldn't see/agree to the GDPR terms) . Once again Tapatalk couldn't be bothered - took them quite some time to acknowledge the problem and deliver a fix.

It's not like they don't know about the problem. I've sent in support tickets, e-mailed them, sent them PM and haven't received even an acknowledgment of the problem yet... :rolleyes: (I should probably add that I'm a paying customer; still they ignore you).
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I'd keep an eye on this development -- @truonglv 's a good developer and could come out with a really nice replacement for Tapatalk: