XF 1.4 Tagging alert doesn't work


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I have checked all settings and they are fine.
The popup while adding tag also works.
The tagged user is linked to profile in the post.
However, the tagged user doesn't get alert.

I am testing on two accounts for which I have access, so settings are all fine.

Chris D

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It may be permission related.

Could you go to Admin CP > Users > Analyze Permissions and put in the username of the user who makes the tag and no alert is sent?

Also do the same under the node permissions tab.

Look down the list for maximum tagged users. What's the value?

It's worth mentioning as well, tag alerts are only sent for new messages and are not sent when editing a message.


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Ok. Setting Maximum tag alerts per message to unlimited made it work.
Does it have to be unlimited? What should be the ideal value?


Chris D

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Anything other than 0. 0 would mean no alerts sent. 10 means they could tag 20 people and only the first 10 would receive alerts.


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I had zero in the one tagging and 10 for the user in group being tagged. I tagged just 1 and yet no alert popped up. On making it unlimited, it worked.

Joe Link

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For clarification on this particular permission type.

The Registered usergroup has a value set to 5.

If I wanted an upgraded usergroup to inherit this, I should set it to 0, and the 5 will be inherited, since it's the higher (more permissive) value?

Unlimited should only be used when you truly want someone to have unlimited of whatever it is, right?

Digital Doctor

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This issue comes up alot.

Is there no way of alerting the user that the tagging they performed will not result in the user being notified ?

As an Alert ?
As a temporary notice ? (similar to: Your post is moderated notice).
Some way ?