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TacJet [Paid] 1.0.4

No permission to buy ($45.00)


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whitesky submitted a new resource:

TacJet - A graphically impressive, sleek dark gaming theme, fully responsive

TacJet is a new dark graphical gaming style for Xenforo. If you're looking for an impressive new theme that isn't over the top, TacJet is perfect for you. This eye-catching style has just the right amount of graphical flourish while remaining clean, polished and balanced.

TacJet scales perfectly to all sizes, from the largest of gaming monitors to mobile devices. Featuring a customizable...
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Not sure what is going on... testing your demo on mobile.

s7 Edge

I still have some left to right bounce... It's like it's not going down to the proper size. Something is causing it to have too much width (getting same with your other theme as well).


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@Sheldon Thank you for pointing that out,
I've been moving over each theme to the demo forum one by one with upgraded versions, and have seen this bug in older builds. I'll make sure everything's up to date and post back.


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Demo was running old tablinks style, I've checked it's removed now for TacJet in Inspector and on Note 5. Making sure now the other themes are reflecting it as well.


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How easy would it be to change the primary color in that theme, from say....yellow to a blue?
Thanks for the question, while it can't be done using the Style Properties editor (since it relies on a lot of background images), I could easily convert it by batching the images. I'll see if I can get a few recolors up in the next week if you'd like to take a look :)


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whitesky updated TacJet with a new update entry:

NulumiaBase & Xenforo Upgrades

June 15th, 2017 | Theme Version 1.0.3
  • Upgraded NulumiaBase to v1-6-3
    • Added FontAwesome icon support to public/private links in threads
    • Added optional styling (via Style Properties) to public/private links in threads
    • Added force override option for public/private links to inherit global button style
    • Improved Sticky Sidebar handling
    • Upgraded to support Xenforo 1.5.14...
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whitesky updated TacJet with a new update entry:

NulumiaBase Upgrade, Javascript, SSL & Text Editor Improvements

September 18, 2017 | Theme Version 1.0.4

To view this latest version live, please visit the Demo Forum here:

To update your theme, please download the latest version at:

This update requires an upload of all files and re-import of the theme xml.


NulumiaBase Framework v1.7...
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