Sync'ing J! and XF usergroup membership


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I'm in the process of migrating from vB to XF, on a site where Joomla is the 'master' for registration and usergroup membership. I'm using JFusion, with Coop's JFusion plugin for XF as a direct replacement for the vB JFusion plugin. This handles the account creation and single signon nicely.

However, JFusion doesn't handle usergroup sync'ing. We have a tiered subscription system (Bronze, Silver, Gold), whereby users get promoted and demoted in the J! usergroup system according to their subscription memberships. Currently I have a custom vB cron script that handles mapping and sync'ing J! group memberships to vB, using standard vB data manager methods to modify memberships.

I've been looking at how to do this in XF, and although I'm some way towards having a clue how to do it, I'm a long way from getting it done. As I need to get this done in a hurry, I'm considering (at least for now) doing it as a completely external task, out of a UNIX cron job, that just directly accesses the xf_user and xf_user_group_relation tables.

Which finally gets me round to my question, which is ... are there any gotchas I need to watch for if I take this approach? For instance, is there any cache rebuilding that would need to be done in XF?

In the longer term I'll look at either writing an XF cron job, or (hopefully) the next release of JFusion may handle usergroup mapping. But for now I just need to get something going ASAP.

TIA for any feedback,

-- hugh