Switching to Percona from MariaDB/centminmod


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Howdy server dudes

I want/need to switch to Percona for better InnoDB management on my centminmod based install that currently runs MariaDB.

Has anyone performed this change and if so, how easy is it? Is it simply a case of stopping MariDB, uninstalling Maria and then installing Percona in it's place?

Thoughts, experiences and advise would be extremely welcome.....



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Better InnoDB management how exactly ? Both Percona and MariaDB use XtraDB for InnoDB so they're basically the same.

Just MariaDB is one XtraDB minor version behind Percona as they merge Percona XtraDB into their builds after Percona


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I was told Maria tends to lean towards MyISAM better although it has XtraDB and Percona is more suited for InnoDB over MyISAM. It may be my server but my site got slower when I switched to InnoDB with Maria and was told I should install Percona instead....


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InnoDB performance = MariaDB = Percona
MyISAM performance = MariaDB > Percona

But the Percona defaults may lend themselves a bit more towards InnoDB than MariaDB. But defaults on either Percona or MariaDB won't be enough for optimal performance. With either MariaDB and Percona, you won't magically get better performance just by converting InnoDB tables. You need to specifically tune InnoDB (and MyISAM if you have tables) separately for your specific loads taking into account your server's resources.

  1. InnoDB regardless of MariaDB or Percona uses more system resources, cpu, memory and disk space than MyISAM, so if your server doesn't have adequate resources to meet InnoDB's needs, you won't get optimal InnoDB performance.
  2. Alot of Percona's bug and security fixes are ported from MariaDB as well, so really depending on build releases, both Percona and MariaDB end up with similar supported InnoDB feature set as both use XtraDB.
And on your question, technically, just stopping MariaDB server and removing all MariaDB RPMs not just server one and then installing Percona's RPM is enough.

You may have conflicts with InnoDB my.cnf option names, as Percona and MariaDB have their own names for some features and options.