Lack of interest [Suggestion] Your account page: Left menu should stay fixed all time


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I am not sure if this already posted, but on the "your account page",
it annoys me that the right menu disappears when you click on
"watched threads" and "view conversation", while it stays
fixed when you click on all other options.

Any chance to change it so the left menu stays fixed?


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i think i know its reason
you can go to conversation page from 'account' page
so, conversation page is child account page's


I've just checked up the account pages and it's really strange and not consistent. (that's why this thread was renamed)

~3 pages are linked in the sidebar, but doesn't have the sidebar when you load them.
It's a little bit strange. Don't include the menu links, or include the sidebar in the pages, but so it's too strange


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It's to do with the URL being /account or /conversations.
The only other different sidebar menu item is for watched threads.

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I noticed that while viewing the "Your Account" section of my XenForo install that the selection sidebar stays in view for every selection except the "conversation" choices. This interrupts the flow of this section and makes it slightly more difficult for users to get back to their account page if they wish.

So my suggestion would be to make all selections behave the same in this section and leave the selection menu in place when conversations are selected.