Lack of interest [Suggestion] Support for smaller avatars


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Consistency is definitely a good thing, and now that I think about it I do get annoyed when members at my own forums use various sizes for their avatars. Yet I was mildly annoyed to have to re-create my avatar for XF so it would look good, though it wasn't a huge deal simply because I have the skills to do that. Most forumites don't, so I can see big potential for user complaints. :rolleyes:
I don't know the file size requirements, or the actual pixel size requirements either. So, I can't make an icon that'll fit properly. Could you please make sure that those are stated when uploading the avatars so we know what is the maximum file and pixel size?


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The smaller image next to each post is 95px wide 95px high... but the larger version on the profiles is 200x200...


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Yes, images can be scaled down and still look good. But Erik is talking about smaller avatars (i.e., 80x80) that will be scaled up, which looks ugly.


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I agree that rezzed up images look bad, but on the other hand, I love the uniformity of having all the same size avatars.