Implemented [Suggestion] RSS icon should only light up when directly hovering over it


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When we mouse over the forum-titles or the complete cell, the RSS indicator becomes more visible:

rss mouseover.png

Although that functionality has it's reasons, what about making this mouseover-area much smaller, so that the RSS indicator only becomes more visible when you mouse over the icon or very close to it?

You see, when you never ever use an RSS feed (which the majority of my member base -including myself- will never do), why do we need to be confronted with these fading images every time we mouse over our forum lists? It makes these icons more prominent then they should be. The focus is put on those images every time, but I never ever use them.

One could still preserve this functioanlity and making it less in-your-face by making the mouse over area a bit smaller/more focused on the icons.

Likey? :)

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I know this is just a tiny minor thing, but I have just took a look at more XF powered webforums and realized that the above suggestion isn't that bad ;). On all those forums I will never ever use the RSS functionality, like many more people...

No clue of how to use RSS.
... so I am still wondering why on all XF installs I am seeing the RSS indicator (which I and 98% of my memberbase will never use), pop into my eyes everytime I mouseover a forumlist?

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This one it's easy :)

Open node_list.css and look for:

.node .nodeInfo:hover .tinyIcon[href]
replace it with:




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Thanks Miko. I still believe this should be standard in XenForo: on every XF powered website I visit now I am confronted with those blinking RSS icons everytime I browse over a forum title. It just is unnecessary, because it doesn't serve any purpose.

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This suggestion has the label [Implemented] and even if only a handful of people seemed to find it annoying how it was... XF 2.0 's really great new style also solves this pet peeve (at least, it was one of mine ). The RSS indicators are gone with the wind. Yesss! :D;). How small things can make you happy...