[Suggestion] RSS feeds for individual posters


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i definitely like this suggestion! it allows the users share their content everywhere ... ;)



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Good article about RSS today. Even though there is new ways to consume content, RSS is still the backbone in which the content is delivered to parties such as Twitter/Facebook.

Being forum software in which new content is posted everyday, having the ability for users to connect their own RSS activity from the forums to 3rd parties would allow the forum to have an increased amount of reach.

An example of this is Kier connecting his individual Xenforo RSS feed to his Twitter account. This would post the title of the thread and the first few words to Twitter.

A real world example of a new/old way to drive traffic that you need to take advantage of.

The fact of the matter remains that RSS is not a consumer-friendly technology. If I said “RSS” to my mother, she would have absolutely no idea what I was talking about. If I said “Twitter” or “Facebook” to her, she knows who those are — she even uses them. That said, RSS does still often provide at least a partial backbone for those services she does know. For example, it’s RSS that auto-syndicates the content from TechCrunch to Twitter and Facebook where she reads it.