Implemented [Suggestion] Conversation titles needs a tooltip showing recipients


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I am not sure what the best implementation is, but yes there does need to be a way of showing who the conversation is with. Right now I have a list of PCs listed and if I am the originator, and the last respondent, there is no indication at all who the PC is with. The only way to keep track at the moment is with descriptive PC titles.

A tool tip showing at least the first few (5?) people in the PC would be ideal.


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Okay, I know this is "not a bug" but when you read it I think you'll see what I mean.

Here's the post from my user:

If you go to /conversations/ to look at your PMs (for those unaware, PMs are referred to as conversations in xenforo) you do not get to see who you sent a message to, or who you got a message from if you started the conversation, and made the last response.

So if I start one with Dave, and he responds, then I respond, the conversation summary in
simply has my avatar, the subject, then my avatar again on the right as the last person who responded.

I get what they are trying to do - this is an extension of a forum topic, but with a limited set of participants, and it's neat, and a nice idea, and perhaps great for certain types of conversations.


If I send out 19 messages with the same subject (such as "Secret Santa Instructions") then I cannot tell who I sent a particular message to without clicking on it and reading the message.

So - please consider posting this to xenforo as a bug report - that the conversation summary should include a list of the people participating in the conversation, and if the list is more than a few people then they can do the "Dave, LittleSin, and 4 others..." trick they use elsewhere in the forum to shorten long lists.

For conversations between two people, both the subject and the other person involved should be immediately visible on the inbox summary.
Most of the time this won't be an issue, but as we have some D&D games, Secret Santa, etc. it does come into play.



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You are a freaking encyclopedia. I'll look at them and see.

Edit: The latter is exactly what we're looking for. I figured that this would be a bigger feature. Thanks, merge, lock or make disappear this thread and I'll start watching that one.


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If someone replies to a conversation their avatar/name shows up but if they don't there's no way of telling (as far as I can tell) who a conversation was sent to.

For instance, with one of my smaller forums I've been trying to welcome everyone new I see post. I have 20 conversations that say "Welcome!" for the subject, have my avatar and my name, but from the main conversation page there's no way of telling who they were sent to. Would be nice if the recipient's name were somehow incorporated into that page without them having to reply first.


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Something like... ?
Well... no
. And yes
. I wouldn't put the names there, because people expect a preview there, just like they are used to on threads. If a popup implementation like this would be considered, then the popup should be triggered by the 'Participants: x' - field, that is more logical/consistent.


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If a popup implementation like this would be considered, then the popup should be triggered by the 'Participants: x' - field, that is more logical/consistent.
Even though the "Participants: x" location is the most logical location for linking to the participant list, it's not really forthcoming. It would be just like the "Replies: x" field on forumdisplay in vBulletin. Not many users know you can click the reply count to get a complete list of users who have posted in that thread.


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As of now, all it shows is:

the last person who replied,
who started it,
a title.

Almost every conversation has been started by me, last post by me, and some random title. To find info into which conversation I'm looking for, I have to click into almost every one to see which one I was actually looking for.

Can something be added to show the participants of the conversation - like where my avatar is always showing by itself? So it'd show the two account names/avatars, or anything to help show which conversation I'm looking for easier? The current setup seems like it could be made easier by adding the names somehow. Screen to show example of what I mean :conversation page



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...Almost every conversation has been started by me, last post by me, and some random title...
Understand the situation completely. I am quickly learning that descriptive titles make a huge amount of usability difference. In addition to this specific issue, it helps when the notification emails arrives, because that contains the title also.

Also, when viewing the Personal Conversation page, I can use the browser to search the thread titles (control-F).
Control-F search for keyword in title, next page, repeat.