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Would you like to see user permission based bbcodes?

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I remember being able to always choose whether or not a tag could have a tag in it. I am wondering now since we are starting here from the ground up, if it is possible or implemented yet to set the options for a bbcode to allow IT to be inside another set of tags.

For instance I really despise quotes of videos previously posted in a thread especially when the point of the thread is that particular video say a tutorial video where responses are supposed to be questions or comments. I really don't need to see the video in a quote when someone could just use the post id to refer to the original.

So I was wondering if there is a way to implement a " can be nested" or " allow this tag in {taglist} field in creating a custom bbcode with expandable options for which tags it can be nested in specifically and further if tags can be limited per user or usergroup, maybe even what areas of the site specific tags can be used in. Defaults of course being all forums all users.

The poll is there so i can gather whether or not usergroup based individual bbcode permissions are worthy of their own sugestion post this way I don't bloat the new posts list with a bunch of bbcode suggestionisms (yes i make up words) . If a mod decides this is a good idea please change this post to bbcode permissions and I will further explain my idea for the community to bash or love..and please excuse any terminology i may have misconstrued, I'm not a coder and bought "the other guy" simply to learn web-scripting and has been invaluable to my learning and understanding generally how things work and managed to make it work for my personal entertainment. Feel free to and please correct me in terms I use if they are wrong so that I do not add to the level of confusion to other people like me who just kinda putter along when it comes to scripting and the likes.


An example wouldn't hurt :) Sorry if I misunderstand you but to my knowledge you can nest bbcode?


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I see what you mean, you basically don't want quotes to automatically embed videos (and possibly other forms of media). Doesn't bother me too much really but it can be useful if you only decide to watch the thread after a certain person quotes it and says something about it that interests you to watch it however I guess at this point you could always go to the first post.

I don't however seen the need for user based nested permissions. I don't see why you would for example let an admin embed a video in a quoted post but not a normal user, doesn't seem fair or make any sense unless theres a reason I am not thinking of right now :).


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Well its deeper than that, would anyone have a problem with me posting a shot from "the other guy" and modify it to display what im explaining?