Lack of interest [Suggestion] Avatar Permissions


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I see avatar permissions for file size, but not avatar dimensions. I also give this as one of the perks for supporter groups. Can we please have this done?

Hey, I said please ;)


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Agree with this, we vary the size of avatars allowed based on Usergroup permissions and we'd really want to keep this feature


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Different avatar sizes would require template edits and it would look a bit odd scanning down a thread if there were avatars of different dimensions (width) with some taking up the whole width and others looking a bit lost in the message template.


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Doesn't look that odd on our current site and it helps being able to offer the benefit to paid members as an extra incentive to buy a paid subscription. Plus on a site that offers it currently members could see it as a step backwards if the facility isn't there for the admin to make their own decision on