Implemented [Suggestion] Add Splicd for video segments


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I'm not sure if this would be a small or large request, but I'd love to be able to embed videos spliced from Splicd. Sometimes showing the whole YouTube video is wasted time and I want to show visitors only a segment.

For example

Is that possible easily and a change that can be made easily?

PS. MSNBC videos would be a nice addition too :whistle:


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You can add your own BB Code Media Sites by going to Home > BB Code Media Sites > Add New BB Code Media Site in the Administration Panel.

Take a look at the help entry as well.


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Thank you both. Actually, I was looking at that thread and help entry - and really confused on some of the entries. It's really my issue of skimming and searching, rather than going page by page. But sometimes that's hours of reading on this site and getting no where and so it's easier to ask :whistle:

Regardless of my own shortcomings, I found the NBC one to add. Guess I'll have to figure out how to do the SplicD.

I'll work in the proper thread and ask about SplicD.

Again - thank you for answering me.