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Yo dude,

Go to your admin panel and click on Node List. Then click on Create a new node. When you are creating it, make the partent category the forum you wish for it to be a child forum of.

Neil E.

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Hmmm, I didn't explain that very well. I am looking at having only sub-nodes in a category. The idea is to reduce the real estate used for a group of nodes that get very little use. I see now that the default setup requires one node in the category so that it is the main node for all the sub-nodes. Perhaps I am better off to change the appearance of the nodes so they just take up less space.

Neil E.

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I've been poking away at this and getting closer to a layout that works for me. The problem is that I want users to go ONLY to the sub-forums. That means the h3 title "Corporate Sponsors" must not have a working link (it could however go to the forum index so the same page loads).

node_44 contains all the node content, the only thing different is that the sub-nodes exist in subForumsPopup/subForumsMenu.

Suggestions on varoius methods to deactivate the link?

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