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Fixed Style issue in Safari Mobile iOS


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iOS 6.1.2 (10B146) on iPhone 3GS, no jailbreak.
Built-in Safari.

I have style issues on "What's New" pages on xenforo.com
Look at the font-size diferences from one subtitle line to another:
1) On "What's New", the "So, what don't you like about XenForo?" thread's subtitle has a taller font than other threads.

2) Still on "What's New", look at the differences between the "Richard.r", "Russ" and "YoFuzzy3" usernames, compared to "arcaneex", "8thos", "Jaxel", etc.

3) Look at "DRE" & "Hoolio" compared to "CyberAP".


XenForo developer
Staff member
Actually I just realized that this is WebKit's text size adjust, so I've just changed that to be 100%. Can be overridden in the body style property if you wish.