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Can we start a Style FAQ thread? I'm still working on a design, but I keep getting into problems where I don't know how to edit. For example the WYSIWYG editor, how do I edit the background and font color for the editor?


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Can we start a Style FAQ thread?
When I get a chance I will try and pull all the various style questions together.

If everyone could just stop posting for a couple of days, I should be able to get that done ;) :D


Never! .. I mean, I will never stop posting. Until eh .. I will stop out of my own free will. I guess.

To give Brogan some breathing space; here's a quick start



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Where do I change the board title font size? I've looked everywhere, I have all fonts at 8pt, but the title is much bigger than that.


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After you create a style, is there any way to change the setting from "don't allow users to select this style" to "allow users to select this style"? (I can't actually remember the verbatim there, but you get the idea.)