XF 1.3 Stuck at step 4! Arhhhhhhhh!


Total Xenforo newbie here jumping ship from VB. Just attempted my first install and I'm getting stuck on the fourth step noted here (http://xenforo.com/help/installation/) when going to the install directory on my site. For whatever reason the following is returned in the URL (http://mysite.com/community/install...all/install/install/install/install/index.php) and obviously goes no where.

Can anyone advise me on what might be causing this? It seems almost like a multiple redirect but I'm not sure what could be causing it.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Chris D

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Looks like some sort of redirect loop. Is that what the eventual error is?

Where are these files in relation to vBulletin? I'm just wondering if there is anything in there - maybe .htaccess which is redirecting you away from the installer.

In turn, XF will be redirecting you to the installer.

Is that a possibility?
There was a previous VB install in the same directory but I blew out all of the files and folders using FileZilla. All .htaccess have been removed from the directory (i think).

This is the error I see in chrome.


Chris D

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This might be one of those that's tricky to debug without seeing it.

I'll quote a post from Mike:

Please submit a ticket via your customer area with FTP details and we will look into it.
If you look at the thread where that post originates, it's basically the same issue but I'm not sure what the solution to that was. So it might be quicker and easier if you raise a ticket and someone will take a look for you.


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Last time I saw this, the files weren't uploaded correctly. (The install directory was missing I believe.) I would reupload the files to make sure they've been uploaded correctly.
Thanks for the feedback guys!

I finally figured it out. As per the directions on step 4 here (http://xenforo.com/help/install/) i went to what I thought was "my" install directory. What I was going off was the example URL which was (mysite.com/community/install/) which doesn't exist because I am not using a "community" directory. For me what worked was just (mysite.com/install/). Im surprised that even thought the "community" directory didn't exist the uploaded files were allowing it to loop and get this error. Might want to fix this redirect loop for future newbies like me :)

On the other hand the rest of the install went flawlessly and I'm already loving the software. Wishing I had made the jump from VB months ago.