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Couldn't get your front page to load, but the forum looks great! Is that a custom job you paid for or did you do that yourself?
Hmm the front page didn't load? that's not good. I used a severely customized YooTheme joomla template.

Did the home page load for everyone else?
@ Edrondol I made all the graphics/customizations, the game you name it. I have been swamped just trying to get it all working. I started with Vbulletin for the forums, but every time they updated the software I had to basically start over, so decided to go with xenForo and I have been pretty happy with it.


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The front-page took a very long time to load for me, too long. Also spotted a little glitch I think on the forum with the menus. When you first hit the forum, the "Support" hover colour is over to the left-side like the image shows below, but when you put your mouse over it centres. Also, when you scroll down to bottom of forum, why do you get a large empty space created after the footer ends - before scrolling stops.


Nice looking forum though, good work on the style


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This is what I see using Chrome after 1 minute of load time:


Also note that my connection is fairly fast:

speed test.png

But like I said, the forum part looks awesome!
Hmm not sure whats going on then. I have it on a joomla, running on a VPS, using a CDN. So if anything it should be working well unless there is an issue with the CDN delivering content to the edge locations?. I have checked it in the Seattle area on a several different devices, even my iphone and everything looks good on my end. I will have to do some more investigation.

@Digital Doctor - no I just added a custom header and footer to the templates.
Thanks everyone! especially for checking that things are working on my site.

Yes my own creation, I have been working on the game for a long time...too long. 10 years of game design etc. It's been difficult to get funding, really difficult, so once I heard about Kickstarter about a month ago I figured I would give it shot. I hope that I can just get it out into the world and get it printed. I'm at 16 backers and 31 days left, so I hope I can get this done.

Thanks again!
Here is my project for anyone interested.


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Not a fan of a dark background, since it's hard on the eyes (reading content on a light layout is better from all points of view), but the design is VERY nice anyway. Good job on it. Best of luck with the project and congratulations for all your hard work


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Wow! I just started exploring the xenforo site more and then I came across this thread. You work is well thoughtout and puttogether in such a creative way! I only wish you the best in your funding for the game and if there's something I can do to help out just let me know. Great site, Great functionality and visual sharpness, would keep anyone on your site for a long time just because of how well it's puttogether! Keep up the good work man! ;-)