Fixed strange bug in IE7-browser


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Hi Mike,

there is a strange bug on a specific post in IE7-browser.
There are 2 different avatars showing for one post (See screenshot attached).
As said, this is showing in IE7-browser, I am not seeing this issue in FireFox.

I also saw one other post which did not have an avatar-image and also no blue-box (which surrounds the avatar). So that was a post without showing any information about the person who posted (I do not have a screenshot for this as I can not find that specific post anymore).

there is a small IE7-style issue which I have posted here (I guess you have missed this one - see my last post in that thread):




doesn´t mean it doesn´t exist :p
I did not say it does not exist, I am saying that a quick test showed me I can not reproduce it. Which might help determine the severity of the report.


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I agree erich37

Yesterday evening there was shown 2 avatars in the same post.
There was no way to remove it with F5
Irritated I have close FF/XP and start FF again.
There was no way to reproduce it again. :oops:

Sorry, thats no yoke.


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I can reproduce that bug. I wanted to report it, too. It seems that this behavior occurs only in posts with large images included. The avatar of the following post is relocated upwards. Erichs screenshot does not show it. Also, sometimes the avatars overlap.


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So, after doing some tests I would qualify this bug as problem of the rendering engine, because sometimes the bug happens and sometimes not.

Here is the pic Erich asked for.


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Yes, I have also notice this. Just as Boothby has explained it.
Only seen it on this computer with IE7 and windows XP.



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I've still been unable to reproduce this, though we did have a recent report of it; it seems to be sporadic and may rely on some external aspects, which I haven't figured out yet.

It seems to relate to the user info, but I don't see why, as it's clear that the message should contain everything within it. I've taken a shot in a the dark adding zoom:1 to the messageInfo element in case it's actually the opposite of what I'm thinking.

Otherwise, I'm really not sure what to do here - without being able to reproduce it, it's a real challenge to try to fix. And of course, it looks like a really weird rendering issue.


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If others could also check this again, but it seems to be fixed for now, somehow. I cannot reproduce it again. :) Well done, Mike. ;)