XF 1.3 Spam issue

I had keycaptcha installed on my test boards that I have a license for. I am running 1.3.4. I have been away and haven't been able to update it. I got on a computer where I was at and had to turn off Xenforo, but in one day a spambot had installed over 12k posts.

Is there a fast way to delete them all as Xenforo only has 20 posts per page and I have hundreds of pages...

Or should I wipe the database and start fresh as I didnt really have any posts on there.


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You can use the spam cleaner. Info here including a video.


You'll likely need to first go to Spam Management in the ACP and temporarily disable the max message count for spam user criteria first (set it to 0) as they will likely have exceeded your limit, making the spam cleaner unavailable on them until you do.

Did the spambot create all of these posts under one account or in multiple accounts? If under one account, I strongly suggest you set the Bypass flood check permission to Not Set (No) for the Registered group (which should be the primary group for everyone). With it set to this and the default setting for this in the ACP of 30 seconds, there's no way a single account can make that many posts in a day. At worst they would post around 2.5k posts and a real spammer wouldn't sit there for 24 hours doing that.