XF 1.3 "Spam" Cleaner Link Missing Post-Upgrade

The new default settings for the spam cleaner message count criteria is senseless, totally wrong and absolutely working into the opposite direction than it should:
  • A real Spammer is effective and posts dozens or hundreds of new posts within a very short time. So the limit of 30 posts is no guarantee that he is not a spammer and it will prevent you from opening the spam cleaner for anyone who posted 30 and more junk into your lovely forum
This default setting should be zero.

Just my 2 cents.
I don't see the link on either of my XenForo installations either. How did you guys get it turned back on? I have it set for Admins AND my personal account...


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I have responded to your ticket.

Your spam cleaner criteria had a maximum message count of 30.
Spammers with 1000+ posts are not going to qualify.

You will need to increase it or remove the limit entirely by setting it to 0.