Spacebattles: How long have I been banned for?

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A little over two weeks ago, a moderator at Spacebattles gave me a 1-week tempban. I'm still getting "You are banned" messages whenever I try to login. Looking over my email alerts, it looks like the moderator gave me a warning in another thread; I don't know whether or not he extended the length of my ban at that time.

I don't know if this is a software bug, or if he extended the length of my tempban, or if he permabanned me, or what. Kier, or any other Spacebattles staff who might be on here, can you please tell me the current state of my account? The user name and email is the same as this one.

Chris D

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I think the best solution is to not get banned in the first place :p

But yeah, it wouldn't be appropriate for Kier to deal with you here so I suggest you do everything you can to contact the SpaceBattles staff and deal with the issue anywhere but these forums which are completely unrelated your issue.
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