Lack of interest Sort functionality for 'Find all threads by user x'


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In relation to:

A - [Suggestion] Sort Watched Threads and
B - Sort functionality for What's New

... it would be handy (not essential by any means) if the 'Find all threads by user x' - search results would also be sortable.

Often I am interested what threads a certain member has posted, so what I do is:

- Click somewhere on the Username of the member x,
- On the Membercard click 'Profile Page',
- Go to [Information] tab,
- Click on 'Find all threads by user x'.

If someone posted a lot you will get a large overview (duh). Often I am interested in only a couple of forums he/she posted a new thread in, but this overview gives me a list of every single forum he/she posted in. As pointed out in suggestion A en B, XenForo displays these kinds of overviews with the forum-name not presented into a dedicated column, making it much harder to distinguish to which forum which thread in those overviews belong to.

To make this 'Find all threads by user x' overview maybe a little bit more useful, I would like to suggest a 'Thread Display Options' slide down as we have with the normal forum thread overview. Including the category and forum names there. That way our eyes don't have to scan this overview anymore manually looking for the tiny little forum names buried in the list.

(I know I can also go to: -> Advanced Search -> put in the username in 'Posted by Member' -> select the specific Forum -> press [Search]).

As I said, not essential by any means at all, but a bit more sort functionality would maybe come in handy in the rest of all the 'thread-overviews' in XenForo (see also suggestions A and B) instead of only the normal thread overview?