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SneakyDave submitted a new resource:

[SolidMean] Profile Post Chars - Tired of that 140 character limit?

Tired of the 140 character limit on profile posts? This addon makes that limit configurable. It also allows you to change the limit on profile post comments from the default of 420 characters. There are no database changes, no visible branding, and no callbacks installed with this addon.

I don't know if this add-on is compatible with any other addons that modify or extend profile posts or comments, but I haven't had any problems using it on my sites.

The example screen...
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53 is of course much too little, I have with me 2500 in the post and in the comments!

Not good for money, should be free of charge.


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This addon affects only profile posts and replies. You can set the limit to 2000, 3000, 5, or whatever you think you need as a limit.

I'll investigate the 50 character limit for page titles, and see how doable that is.


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I'd like some suggestions on how well this addon works for people, so I'm offering a coupon for it for the next 5 buyers.

Use the code "FREEPPC" when checking out on the product page, and you won't be charged for your purchase! Limit of 1 license per purchase please. When you enter the promo code, make sure to click "Update Cart" before you click "Purchase Cart".



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Exactly ^^ Mike....
We should all be more than happy to help devs who help us.
5 USD is hardly going to make SneakyDave a millionaire overnight for gods sake, and it is HIS work!


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Well here my feedback/comment:
my XF versión 1.4.4
The addon works perfectly as described. installed in my board, I need it, because I guess 140 characters are too much. (inspired by twitter duh :rolleyes:)
with this addon I can control it. great! even I don't have any suggestion. is perfect.
Highly reccomended if you want to have the height of your sidebar controlled :D
Thank you @SneakyDave , Good job! (y)
Suggestion: how about if we can control the number of characters through group permissions? would be great.
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