Sobre vBulletin 4 - vBulletin 4 Info! Help! Part 2

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But whatever you ask for a vbulletin support ticket, if I changed both the key account / forum and

And I will not recover and the forum, vbulletin me is tedious, I just wish that some of you who have high knowledge on this, he removed the license or not, we will delete the forum, and sell the license or do what want. I just want to attempting installation of the forum, since all I did, I did, everything is there, it was me. I do not want to stay with my job.

Thank you very much :(


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Cuervo, aqui absolutamente nadie te puede ayudar con nada que tenga que ver con vBulletin 4. Nadie de aqui tiene acceso a su sistema ni informacion de como recuperar tus cosas. Te recomiendo que envies un e-mail a Internet Brands en y ahi soluciones tu tema, aca es XenForo, no tiene absolutamente nada relacionado con vB4.


Edit: Just letting him know that there is nothing we can help him here at XenForo, he just has to contact via e-mail to recover his login information from vB.
Mmmm Ok. Bueno, muchas gracias por tus aclaraciones. Ya veré quien podra ayudarme para poder desinstalar el foro, con el Bug del install que tienen.

Saludos! Gracias.
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