SMS language filter


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I often struggle with SMS language in my forums. It's very bad for accesibility, specially for incapacitated users that use a reader.

It would rock to have an addon with configurable words (for example, in spanish they would be: q, dnd, xq, etc) to be detected and rejected the message in that case.

That would save tons of work and would improve the quality of the content.


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Instead you could have a parser which would automatically fix the text in message and present it back to the user to confirm if he meant that while writing the message.


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It's a problem because of the variability of the SMS language and spanish SMS... for example, "xq" could be "por qué", "porque", "porqué"...

In the other hand, that would encourage users to continue writing badly.

Chris D

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Aside from using the censoring system which would replace a bad word with the correct word, I think there is already an add-on that can prevent posts that contain certain words. I seem to recall @******* having something similar but I can't remember the exact details.