SMF Transfer

Chris D

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  • The importer from SMF to XenForo is in beta stages but it has been used by many people with no problems. Obviously very wise to do a number of test imports first.
  • Yes, resize your browser here and view on mobile to see the responsive style in action.
  • There are no redirects at the moment but many people have been able to write their own redirects.
  • There is no tagging feature in XenForo, there is a popular add-on in the Resource Manager for tagging but to the best of my knowledge it doesn't import tags from SMF.


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SEO is much better then SMF.... several things you need a mod for in SMF is already added to Xenforo. Glenn set up the demo and play in the admin panel.
SMF 2.1 is riddled with errors and bugs and all your mods and themes will have to be redone. Switching to Xenforo gives your community great stability and software with a stunning track record. My two cents at least.
But its not an issue if that cant be recreated. Im seriously thinking of a transfer soon. Just got to make sure Ive asked all the questions I can think offirst. Thanks for helping me guys much appreciated.