Sluggish scrolling fixed background ?

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Hi all,

Been trying to resolve this myself the last few hours but still in the same boat as i was yesterday..

I am using a fixed BG for a new personal project, now is Google chrome the site / scrolling is fine but under FF it's quite laggy, ive experienced this in the past with VB and WP but have managed to resolve the issue by either jquery scripts or creating new div's / placeholders for the BG, after many attempts / methods i am unable to resolve this laggyness under XF.. Any thoughts ? Anyone fixed this problem under XF ?

Demo Here: <<--- Very much a work in progress and still only working on the front page so please bare with me, really want to use a fixed BG for this project as it provides a unique / different effect to the theme all tho only a minor thing it does help to contribute to the style so i would still like to keep it as fixed.

Thanks in advanced for any help on this matter.

Regards, Darren


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I have seen others with similar issues in the past and it just seems to be the way Firefox deals with fixed background images.

All I can suggest is making the image as small as possible but other than that, I don't think there's much that can be done.

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Thanks.. there is a jquery script that can fix this i used it for VB and WP.. worked a treat but for some reason it's not doing a thing for my XF site.. i just thought someone may have come across this for XF and managed to resolve the issue, i will try some other jquery scripts out and see if any of them improve the situation.


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tried all:


  2. page_container_js_body

  3. page_container_js_head
it's like the script isn't loading, but inspecting with firebug i can see it's actually loading.. don't stress to much just found out that Firefox 4 has addressed this issue and most people will upgrade once FF v4 becomes final / mainstream, still tho i know it can be fixed just not sure why these scripts are not working.. might try some new div placements and see if i can force this to work correctly.