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hi, my relatively small xenforo installation is on hostgator, i seem to be getting periodic sluggish responses, one minute its fine, next minute its taking its time to do anything, the little progress bars showing.

I'm not sure if its the software, i.e. still in beta so some debugging in there maybe, or the host, is there any easy way to work it out ?

Also does anyone use blue host, considering swapping to them, although hostgator came recommended.

Heres a url, although its occasional so not sure you'll spot it


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This will be a server/host related issue, assuming you don't have any add-ons, etc. installed which would account for it.

The software has been running here and on many other sites for many months now with no speed/performance problems.

Are you on shared hosting, VPS or dedicated?
I dont see any issues on the xenforo official site.

I'm on a shared hostgator account but they tell me the server isnt loaded, i checked with their support first, off course if something else is spiking the mysql db they might not know.

I do have some add-on's running, notably the Taigachat shoutbox and top threads add-on.

Jake Bunce

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Performance issues are common with shared servers. I'm on a shared server and I get unreliable performance sometimes. There isn't anything you can do about it other than contact the host.

My experience with shared servers is that the performance improves over time as the server population matures.


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Your site loads fine :) ... the flash gallery takes some time to load .... did you get complaints from your members ?.. or is it just you ? could it be your own internet connection ?