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Sitemap Generator


Agreed. It'd be awesome to have a sitemap generator in the core, or via modification/addon. :)


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For the time being, I've resorted to using a simple python script to manually generate a list of thread urls since google accepts list text files. I don't recommend it for large boards though unless you were running the script on a local installation.

For anyone interested, download Python (http://www.python.org/download/).
Open a new file, copy and paste the code below. Fill out the commented sections (#) and press F5.
Take the resulting file, upload it to your server and submit that as a sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools.

#!/usr/bin/env python

import urllib2

# path to your xenforo threads directory with the trailing slash
xenpath = "http://www.yourforum.com/threads/"

# largest thread id on your forum (find the newest thread and write down the id number, don't simply copy number listed in Forum Statistics)
totalthreads = 529

# path to save the resulting text file
savepath = "C:/Folder Path/Desired File Name.txt"

filehandle = open(savepath, "w")

print "Working..."

for thread in reversed(range(1, totalthreads+1)):

        link = xenpath+"a.%s/" % thread
        response = urllib2.urlopen(link)
        url = response.geturl()

    except urllib2.HTTPError, error:
        if error.code == 404:
            print "Thread #", thread, "is a deleted thread."
            print "Script has been stopped -", error
            raise SystemExit()


print "Completed. Results have been saved to", savepath
Can be used on categories and boards too, just fill xenpath with categories and forums paths respectively.