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Hello, I have a number of sites running vbulletin and very minor bridges. I realize that my concern is somewhat external to xenforo support yet I am interested (since I cannot view the database structure for obvious reasons) in how easy it is to fetch session data and update a field to keep a logged in user logged in. Bridges are simple enough in concept.... if session cookie exists, take hash, compare to database hash table, then either fetch relevant data or create new session. once existing then update lastactivity time and move on.

Of course, if there is an API available for external requests that would be even simpler.

As vbulletin pricing is extremely ridiculous (especially when one owns several owned licenses) moving to xenforo is perhaps ideal if session tables are relatively simple to update.

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TrueMedia has a Xenforo plugin for Joomla (via jfusion).
It is posted on github.
You could download it and see how it works.
That could tell you alot.

Firstly, just to be clear, I have no connection with Truemedia. However, for various personal reasons, I also needed a JFusion plugin for XenForo. I can hardly call this stable at this point, as it needs wider testing to iron out any incompatibilities. But it is available for download here

Currently, this has only been tested against Joomla 1.5, with XenForo as master and using both keepalive and syncsessions settings. There is also an addon for XenForo that goes with it to handle the logout processing from the XenForo side. The plugin may work in other configurations, but has only been tested in this configuration.

Regards, Coop
Coop made one too.
I cannot view that as I have not yet purchased a license. However, seeing as how the code is readily available I will be able to replicate it. This has potentially answered my question here. Thank you.