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Silvertails Giphy integration [Paid] 1.0.1

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Dannymh submitted a new resource:

Silvertails Giphy integration - Bring giphy search straight to your forums

Silvertails Giphy integration brings Giphy Search and trending directly to your xenforo site. Allowing your users to easily say what they want to say through the magic of an animated gif.

It increases interaction on your site and is a fast and reliable system compatible with the default editor in xenforo.

The Giphy integration is highly configurable allowing you to adapt the experience to your users to suit your needs.

Heavily re-written for XF2 to be faster and more lightweight.

You can...
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Hi there

I've just installed this on my forum but when I type into the search bar nothing appeared. Tried it on Safari and Chrome. Used to use this plugin fine on 1.5 and I've put my key details in

any ideas?