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I'm pretty sure that you have users, or even yourself, that write complex postes with a LOT of BB-Codes. It makes the entire process of sharing a content quite painful. What I suggest is giving an instant feedback to users about what they write on the forum - a clean way without bb-codes to preview and post exactly how you want it without messing too much with styling elements via bb-codes, especially when posts are long and have gazillion bb-code tags. Have you ever tried to compose a post with 20 quotes and one of them went out of order? (a quote close was missing or something similar?), yeah, good luck finding it (search for "quote" and find the missing "/" - takes time and time is money).
It could look like that:


Admins could hide this feature, and users as well (see arrow on the right side). Narrow styles can have the preview window on the bottom instead of the side, but having narrower comment window is not a big issue since it's pretty wide right now.

It's different than the current "preview" feature by giving live, instant feedback while you type a post.
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