Lack of interest Show only threads with polls, images, video, bbcode and attachments


It would be nice being able to show topics only with polls, images, video, bbcode or attachments in a particular forum. Also being able to show only closed or moved topics (especially good for admin/moderators) under Thread Display Options. You could of course combine those.
Maybe you could limit the option to show closed threads and moved threads only to admin and moderators or per user group or everyone.
I would suggest calling it "Show only threads with" or "Show only" and options: Polls, Images, Video (YouTube bbcode for example), Attachments, Threads with or without likes, threads with a particular bbcode (for example PHP which would be handy in a programmer forum or custom bbcode). This should be added to search as well.
Also change to default setting would be nice under Thread Display Options, maybe a default button.


I think we should be able to search by content type and not content. How often do you want to view a thread with the quote bbcode?


Well it would be used if you just want show threads with polls or maybe videos in a forum. There are many uses for it I think. Lets say you want to see all video tours of Xenforo, instead of searching through the forum you would just click "Show only threads with: video" in a forum or in search and you would find it. Would be pretty neat I think. :)