Lack of interest Show Controller & Action on Debug Page



The notices are great, but it seems that they're causing some problems for avarage joe users.

They don't know how to get the navigation id or the controller & action!

To make this a little bit easier and to allow them to c&p the controller & action, i would suggest to output this stuff in the debug page too.

ATM the only way to get this, is to hover the mouse over the run time
BUT, how should they copy this without searching for it in the html output..

That's why i would suggest to make it at least a little bit easier and to output the controller also on the debug page.

I've said to somebody that he should search on the debugpage for xenforo_controller_ but that's also causing problems for avarage joe, because they are always at least 2 controllers...
With add-ons it could be much more...