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Lack of interest Shorter URLs for /threads/, /forums/ by adding a letter after the dot


New member
I'd like to change the URL structure. Say 123 is my forum or thread ID. Instead of:

mysite.com/forums/forumname.123 and mysite.com/threads/threadname.123

I want:

mysite.com/forumname.f123 and mysite.com/threadname.t123

I want the system to differentiate between forums and threads with the same ID by the letter after the .dot (i.e. f or t).



New member
Well, I did say "a little bit". I'm far from being an expert, but it's my understanding that the closer the keywords are to the beginning of a URL, the better.

It may have a 0.001% impact, or it may not. Either way, it was secondary. Mostly, it's aesthetics. :)

Thank you for the opportunity to clarify.

Edit: just to clarify, my suggestion was to drop an entire subdirectory altogether, i.e. remove the /f/ and /t/, and move them after the dot and before the numeric ID.


New member
Thank you Jon! I just installed the AddOn and it's exactly, EXACTLY what I was looking for. Have an awesome 2015!