Shorewall firewall blocking incoming RSS data - how to unblock?


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I'm trying to get some RSS feeds into my GeeksChat site but the Shorewall firewall (installed by my host) is blocking all incoming feed data; I get 403 errors for every feed I try.

I know it is Shorewall because when I turn off the firewall rules and try the feed preview in XF, it works as expected.

Does anyone know what rule/s I need to apply to Shorewall to allow the RSS to be imported into XF?

Shaun :D


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Maybe a dumb statement on my part but generally speaking I would think that you have to whitelist the ip of the source of the feed if the firewall blocks it right?


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I would hope not - I'd have to put a rule in for every single feed for all of my forums. :eek:

I was thinking that it is more likely a protocol issue and I simply need to ACCEPT all incoming conntections for that particular protocol, but having tried HTTP I don't know what else to look at?

Shaun :D