XF 1.3 Setting up a User Group with Permissions...

Hi everyone,

I've read how to setup permissions, and am probably one of the many confused people trying to figure out how to setup the forums properly.

I have setup a usergroup called "Platinum"for the Platinum members on our site, and only want a forum called "Members" to be assigned to this usergroup.

How do I assign the forum "Members" to the "Platinum" usergroup, and exclude all the normal registered members from seeing the Members forum?

Just in case someone else has been stuck on the same issue, I did the following to setup the "Platinum" Group which I use as a membership site group:

- Added the Platinum Group as a User Group (It automatically became a secondary Group).
- At Applications -> Node Tree -> I clicked on "Permissions" next to the Platinum Group:.
- Then checked it as "private" and clicked on "Platinum Members", (not "Group Info") and to allowed access to the Platinum Group
by simply clicking on "Allow" next to "View Node".

The Platinum members can see this forum whereas the registered users cannot...