XF 1.2 set up a multilanguage forum


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I'd like to merke 2 forums (english and german) into one forum.

On phpbb2, I've developed a connector that both forums used one user pool and they could switch between booth forums by tabs.

is something like this possible with xen?



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Yes. But then I'd have double amount of nodes and the users have to scroll like hell. Also, english users have no interest on german topics if they scroll or call new topics


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licensing is no problem.

I'd like to have something like a tab for each language, one user- & theme management but users have to decide what language-forums they want see content from... something like this :)


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You could also have an english theme and german theme and use CSS to hide the other categories, but other than that, just look and function the same.


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Hiding the categories wouldn't stop the content from appearing in the news feed or recent activity, which I presume is also what the OP wants.