Lack of interest Set topics as Public

I would like to see a feature where (w/ the proper permissions), a topic starter could set their thread to be viewable by the public/guests.

To limit other members from feeling "duped" or mislead, the thread could automatically be set to be displayed with a "Public" topic prefix.

in our case, our forum rarely opens registration, but there are certainly scenarios where we might want to link the public to a thread (via twitter, facebook, etc.) so that they can see the initial post (content) and the discussion that ensues. it's not something that happens often, but it would be nice if the option is there. is it difficult to offer a "checkbox" that would overwrite/disregard the viewing permissions for a particular thread?
You don't make rules based on exceptions.
Why not move the "rare" post to a publically viewable forum ?
Thanks for the suggestion. That might be my best option at this point. In hindsight, this also wasn't a "Bigger Feature" so I apologize and I fully support a moderator relocating or locking this thread.



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It cannot be made simple switching permissions threads. It already concerns to permissions a forum. Resolution to see a certain node automatically gives the chance to see and the remaining threads which are in this node.
It is necessary to ask developers about the virtual node in which it would be possible to add threads, saving their presence at those nodes where they initially were and remain.
Still, as a variant, it is possible to ask to make developers function of creation of a link for a thread. By the way, quite interesting idea.