Server not responding in time



How busy is your forum, are you on shared hosting?
What are your web server, php and mysql timeout settings?
At which point do they get this error msg? Posting? Uploading avatar? Inserting attachment? Just browsing a thread?
Hi Floris,

There were no server errors.

I'm on a vps with hostgator.

They claim to constantly get this message posting every 5 seconds throughout the website.

I am moving to a dedicated server. I figure I'll get it switched over and see if the errors still pop up. I just find it hard to believe a site with only 90 members and only 15 to 20 online at the most would give the server any problems.

I was using cloudflare but it was causing errors with a couple mods so I stopped using them and changed the nameserver back to it's original one. Not sure if that could cause problems?


15 members online browsing and posting, a smart shared hosting account will do.

I suspect it's an issue with the configuration of any of the VPS"s elements.

With that kind of traffic, cloud flare is useless in my opinion.

The name server change should be a temporary issue, potentially. But not consistent, as DNS simply updates for everybody.

Run the web site in debug mode, while it does add more queries to a page, the errors might give you more insight, hopefully.

Also check the VPS's web server error.log file (perhaps in /var/logs/apache/error.log) when these errors happen, might also say more about the error than XenForo spits out.

If they load the site and get a blank page with the error "couldn't reach the server, timed out" it might be a DNS issue, unrelated to xenforo.