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I am sure I am not the only one since I noticed some other forum have the same issue. When I check my forum pages in the Google SERPS then many of the listed pages that link to a thread have in the description (on Google) the text which is shown to unregistered users in the "register box" on top of the forum.
Some other threads show as expected the first text of the first post within the thread.

Many show the Welcome or "register Text" from the top of the forum in google.... how to fix that?

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You can't. It's a Google choice.
I'd say that while that is often very true, maybe it needn't be.

In an ideal world all of your members would compose a thread with an opening post that has a short descriptive subject, and then a post of nicely written text that i follows on from and relevant to the subject, and Google picks up on that.

I think if they do that, there is a better chance of Google picking up than if the subject of the thread is something irrelevant like "Question" and the opening paragraph rambles on about some nonsense before they get to the point.

Or you might edit the title and OP a bit - in my experience no typical forum users knows, cares or understand about SEO. It's your site, your responsibility.

Another thing that may help (but never guaranteed) is to have a meta description specifically to do the same thing, ie summarise the topic in a sentence or two. This can only be done currently via an addon e.g. this one but is beta, but is worth a shot. (I am testing it out) You, the admin, would have to do this for every thread you think it's worth doing it for so could be laborious but if Google does pick up on it (never guaranteed) then you have a decent chance with the SERPs.
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